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Fried Shrimp bowl
White rice 2½ cups
Grain rice (SUKOYAKA 8 Grain Mix rice) ½ cup
Nishimoto frozen breaded shrimps 4 pieces
Slightly beaten eggs 8
Soup base (Tsuyu 4-Bai) 4 tbsp.
Oil 1 tsp.
Sliced green onion as garnish  
Water 4 cups

1. Cook the white and grain rice with four cups of water.
2. Deep-fry the Nishimoto frozen breaded shrimps for three minutes or until brown.
3. Add one tbsp. soup base to two eggs then mix.
4. Heat the oil and pour in the lightly beaten eggs into the frying pan.
5. Scramble the eggs vigorously for about 30 seconds.
6. Add fried shrimps and scrambled eggs on top of the rice and add green onion on top.