Koshihikari 15lb

Known as the “king of rice” for its sweet aroma, great taste, fluffiness, and sticky texture. For sushi preparation and daily meals, Koshihikari is the very best there is.

Hitomebore 15lb

One of the most popular short grain varieties for its pure white appearance and soft texture. A perfect complement to any Asian dish.

Akita Otome 15lb

Slightly lighter and not as sticky as Koshihikari and Hitomebore, yet cooks up soft and tender with a great aroma. Another premium short grain rice that is a perfect accompaniment to daily meals.

Sukoyaka Brown Rice 15lb

Partially milled brown rice that combines good nutrition with great taste! Takes not a minute longer than white rice to cook, yet packs more than twice the nutritional value.

Sukoyaka 8 Grain Mix 2lb

Consists of a nutritious variety of 8 grains including sprouted brown rice, which contains three times more GABA (an amino acid) than regular brown rice. Studies indicate GABA may help provide several health benefits like promoting calmness, lowering anxiety levels, thereby increasing the sleep cycle for a deeper rest and promoting better cardiovascular functionality and much more. Sukoyaka 8 Grain Mix is a great way to start a healthy

Sekka 15lb

An extrafancy medium grain white rice at a very affordable price. Its amazingly great quality and flavor will satisfy even the most demanding cook.

Sekka Genmai 15lb

Now our popular Sekka brand is available in brown rice. This extra fancy medium grain brown rice will satisfy your appetite and nutritional needs. Also tastes great when mixed with white rice for a softer texture.

Snowflakes (Yuki No Kakea) 15lb

Snowflakes is an entirely new type of rice called California MILKY QUEEN™, which was born from KOSHIHIKARI and sweet rice. What makes this rice so special is that you can still enjoy its softness and fluffiness even after it has cooled down. The fluffy, sticky texture and irresistible aroma combine to make this a uniquely outstanding new variety of rice!

Hikari rice 20lb

One of Shirakiku’s all-time best-selling products, Hikari is a premium medium-grain rice combining great taste, satisfying texture, and irresistible fragrance.


Shirakiku Calrose Rice

Shirakiku Calrose white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, and brown sweet rice are extra fancy, medium grain rice cultivated in the nourishing sunlight and crystal-clear water of Northern California. Shirakiku rice is very versatile and can be used in many different types of cooking.