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Quick & Easy
Shirakiku Ready-to-eat Rice 1P

Easy-to-prepare, delicious, pre-cooked rice. One minute in the microwave, and a fresh, hot serving of restaurant-quality rice is ready to enjoy.

Shirakiku Ready-to-eat Rice 3P

A delicious value pack containing three pre-cookedmicrowavablewhite rice packs that are great for an instant dinner or aquick lunch any day of the week.

Sanukiya Noodle Soup Cup

Delicious, quick-cooking noodles made with traditional seasonings, broths, and non-fried noodles! Grab a cup, add water, and instantly enjoy an authentically delicious, traditional Japanese noodle soup.

Available in delicious six flavors: Sanukiya Udon, Sanukiya Udon Katsuo, Sanukiya Somen Original, Sanukiya Somen Spicy, Sanukiya Soba, and Sanukiya Ramen.

Goku Uma Ramen Noodle Soup Cup

Japanese premium Cup Ramen noodles come in three deliciously simple, time-tested flavors: Soy Sauce, Seafood (packed with the goodness of the sea!), and super-spicy Hot flavors.

Tokusen Ramen


Tokusen Ramen Noodles are instant ramen noodle soup in a bag, allowing you to enjoy authentic Japanese noodles with easy preparation.  Popular flavors are Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso (soy bean paste), Karami (spicy) and Shio (lightly salted).   Add your favorite ingredients as a topping to create your signature Japanese-style ramen!


Sanukiya Udon Frozen

Sanukiya Udon Frozen is kneaded to perfection for a firm yet delightfully chewy texture. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to prepare -just pop it in the microwave and it’s ready in no time flat!

Sanukiya Udon Noodles with Soup

Our popular Sanukiya Udon noodles are now more convenient than ever! This 3-pack of udon comes with delicious powdered soup base, specially blended to match perfectly with our Sanukiya Udon noodles. Enjoy mouthwatering Sanyukiya Udon noodles with your choice of topping!

Soba (buckwheat noodle)

Premium quality uncooked sobanoodles (Japanese-style buckwheat noodles). A great choice for a family lunch or a summertime dinner. Serve hot or cold.

Zaru Soba with Yamaimo

Premium quality, uncooked soba noodles (Japanese-style buckwheat noodles) made with Japanese yam for a smoother texture. A great choice for a family lunch or a summertime dinner. Serve hot or cold.


Sai Fun / Mai Fun

Sai Fun noodles are transparent angel hair noodles made from mung bean starch, and Mai Fun noodles are also transparent angel hair noodles made from rice.  Both go great in soups, stir-fries or cold salads. With a lighter texture than egg noodles and wheat noodles, Sai Fun and Mai Fun are delicious and healthy alternatives for everyday cooking.

Frozen Gyoza

Made from only the finest quality ingredients formouthwateringly delicious dumplings that are incredibly easy to prepare in any kitchen that has a frying pan. A perfect entrée for a family dinner, a large party or a lunchtime gathering.

Available flavors: Spicy Beef, Pork Chicken, and Leek & Pork

Gyoza Skins

Shirakiku Gyoza Skins turn a perfectly crisp gold when pan-fried or deep-fried, and are also great in soup.

Egg Roll Skins

Add your favorite ingredients for spring rolls that come out perfectly crisp and golden every time.

Wonton Skins

Enjoy Shirakiku Wonton Skins in soup or deep-fried with your favorite ingredients.

Oden Mix

Assorted scrumptious fish cakes (oden) with delicious soup base in a pack! Now you can easily prepare a deliciously authentic oden dinner at home. A great entrée for a family dinner or a quick meal.

Kamaboko White/Red

Our traditional Japanese Odawara Kamaboko White and Red fish cakes are steamed to tender perfection in Japan. Great to enjoy as an appetizer or as a topping for any noodle dish.

Ebi Fry (Shrimp Fry)

Just place Shirakiku Ebi Fry in a pan and deep-fry to enjoy hot, crisp fried shrimp at home. A perfect appetizer for a party or for a family dinner.


All the pungent, sticky, full-flavored awesomeness you can pack into four little containers. Enjoy Shirakiku Natto atop warm white rice for a great source of protein!

Shirataki White/Black


Shirataki is a healthy and delicious alternative for noodle lovers!   Made from a root vegetable called Konjac, Shirakiku Shirataki has a variety of nutritional qualities, including being calorie-, cholesterol- and wheat-free.   It is not only a perfect ingredient for traditional Japanese food, it is also versatile enough to be used in many recipes including soups and pastas.  Available in white and black (seaweed added). 


Shime Saba (marinated mackerel fillet)


To make Shirakiku Shime Saba, we first cure the mackerel in salt, then wash with rice vinegar and pickle. Mackerel is often prepared this way for long-term preservation. Great as-is, or mix with vegetables and more vinegar.



Maru Mochi (Frozen Rice Cake)

Maru Mochi is a traditional Japanese round rice cake made from glutinous rice, pulled hot and fresh from the oven and frozen immediately. When grilled or deep fried, the crisp outer texture is a flavorful contrast with the chewy mochi inside. When served in soup, its texture is delectably soft and chewy. An outstanding ingredient in entrees, side dishes, or desserts.


Maru Mochi / Kiri Mochi (Rice Cake)

Maru Mochi is a traditional Japanese round rice cake made from glutinous rice, and Kiri Mochi is squire-shaped rice cake.  When grilled or deep fried, the crisp outer texture is a flavorful contrast with the chewy mochi inside. When served in soup, its texture is delectably soft and chewy. Individually packed for convenient use.

Shirakiku Takuan 1KG

Takuan is a pickled daikon radish used as a side dish in traditional Japanese cuisine, where it is simply sliced and served, or as a topping for hand rolls or other types of sushi. Takuan is also a great topping for udon noodles and a flavorful addition to stir-fried dishes.


Korean Seaweed Full/3 -pack


Shirakiku’s Korean Seaweed is a unique snack that is delicious and healthy.  The seaweed is roasted to crispy perfection then seasoned with sesame oil and a touch of salt, giving it a savory and delicious flavor!   Seaweed possesses two noteworthy qualities:   it tastes delicious and it is a great source of vitamins and minerals.   It is a healthy and distinctive alternative to other snacks. 


Inari Sushi no Moto in Can

Shirakiku Inari Sushi no Moto is a ready-to-eat fried and flavored bean curd used to make inari sushi (known as brown bag sushi). Preparing mouthwatering Inari Sushi is now easier than ever before - just fill the bean curd with rice or sushi rice (flavored rice with vinegar) along with your favorite vegetables, such as thin string-cut carrot and shiitake mushroom. Great for party menus, lunch menus, or on-the-go meals.


Sukiyaki No Tomo

Shirakiku Sukiyaki No Tomo makes sukiyaki simple! It includes all the must-have ingredients - shiitake mushrooms, shirataki, and bamboo shoots - so all have to do is add your choice of additional vegetables and sliced beef. Simmer with homemade broth or your choice of sukiyaki soup base for a wonderful one-pot meal with minimum hassle.

Ogura An in Can

Ready-to-eat Ogura An (sweetened smooth red bean paste mixed with whole azuki red beans) is a must-have ingredient for Asian confectionaries. Ogura An goes also wonderfully with traditional Asian sweets such as mochi rice cakes as well as ice cream, pancakes, or your choice of fruit.