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Snacks & Drinks
Furikake Senbei


Furikake is a seasoning specially prepared for rice, but it’s too tasty to use it just for that.  So we came up with Furikake Senbei,  a seasoned rice cracker!   Now you can enjoy the great flavor of a furikake with the crisp texture of senbei for a snack you’ll reach for again and again.  


Koban Senbei


Koban Senbei is a lightly flavored rice cracker shaped like a highly valued gold coin from centuries ago in Japan known as “Koban.”  It is not only unique in shape but it also comes in two delicious flavors:  Sweet & Salty and Cheese.   It’s the perfect blend of pleasant flavors and crispy rice crackers.  


Fruit Jelly Drink



New Fruit Jelly Drink allows you to enjoy the nutrition of freshness of delicious fruit jelly without using a spoon.  Popular flavors are Grape, Mandarin Orange, Lychee and Peach, and all flavors have refreshing nata de coco! Now available in aloe flavor.




Fruit in Jelly


Shirakiku Fruit in Jelly is a refreshing treat from heaven!  Full of real fresh and juicy bite-sized fruits, this healthy and delicious dessert is loved by both kids and adults.  Popular flavors are Grape, White Peach, Mixed Fruits, Lychee and Mandarin Orange. 


Daifuku Mochi 8-pack


Daifuku Mochi is a Japanese traditional dessert made of rice flour dough that is reminiscent of a dense marshmallow, and stuffed with sweet red bean paste.   The Shiakiku Daifuku Mochi eight-pack is a perfect and festive dessert to share with friends and family on any occasion.  It is available in Red & White Daifuku, Green Daifuku and Red (Azuki) Daifuku. 


Tennen Koubo Pan (natural yeast bread)

Tennen Koubo is baked using a unique process with natural sprouted brown rice yeast as its key ingredient. It tastes amazing and also outperforms your average bread and keeps on tasting amazing.

Daifuku (rice cake)

Deliciously chewy mochi (rice cake) filled with sweet red bean paste. Choose the perfect Daifuku to sweeten your day from a variety of uniquely delicious flavors: White, Green, Black Bean, and Black Sesame Flavors.

Mushi Cake

Happy Clover Mushi Cake is extraordinarily soft with an irresistibly light texture. It’s everything sponge cake wishes it could be. Perfect for a snack, a light meal, or an on-the-go breakfast!

Available in Cheese, Pudding, and Chocolate Flakes flavors.

Ramune Drink

A very refreshing and unique soda sealed with a marble. Just pop the marble in and enjoy the bubbly fun! Now available in Coconut flavor!


Available flavors: Original, Lychee, Melon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Grape an Coconut.

8 Mate Rice Crakers

8 mate rice crackers are fresh, tasty, and most importantly, packed with crunchy fun! Pick your favorite from four great flavors: Hot, Wasabi, Seaweed, and Assorted. A healthy alternative snack for both kids and adults!

Norimaki Arare / Norimaki Wasabi

These Shirakiku rice crackers are crunchy, tasty, and wrapped in crispseaweed. An ideal healthy alternative snack!

Available in Original and Wasabi flavors.

Monaka Azuki/Matcha/Mochi

A light and elegant Japanese pastry made of sweet red bean paste filling sandwiched between crispy, crunchy rice wafers.

It is available in three delicious flavors: Azuki (red bean), Matcha (green tea) and Mochi (rice cake).

Seasoned Squid Plain/ Hot / Smoked / Hot Smoked

Deliciously chewy shredded squid seasoned with a blend of savory spices. A great healthy alternative snack for kids and adults.

Available flavors: Plan, Hot, Smoked, and Hot & Smoked.

Aloe Drink

Packed with the natural goodness of aloe! A cool, refreshing drink full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Available in two sizes: 50.74 Oz (1.5L), and 16.91 Oz (500ML).